Northfield Community

An event that is open to the entire community

This program run by the Community Action Center (CAC), offers a weekly free meal to anyone in the community.
NNOR open their eleventh season this summer, six recitals will be held on Wednesday from 12:15-12:45 pm
W.O.W. (Widows and Widowers Luncheon)
<p>One of the lessions of the last few months is that we need tools to talk with each other about difficult subjects. &nbsp;On March 15th, 6:30 pm you are invited to a session in the style of the MN Council of Churches Respectful Conversations to learn some important skills and questions for the hard stuff. &nbsp;As Christians, we are offered this opportunity to lead - and to show how to do so in a "still more excellent way" (I. Corinthians 13).&nbsp;</p>
<p>Throughout the month of March our Kid's Club will be asking for food and/or monetary donations for our local Northfield Foodshelf as part of their servanthood projects during Lent. Please consider helping us help our neighbors in need. You can deposit food items in the Little Red Wagon or the wooden chest in the Narthex. Checks can be made out to the church. Let's share our blessings and see how full we can get our Little Red Wagon!</p>